Ph.d. forsvar Manuel Pegalajar-Jurado

Supervisorer: Henrik Bredmose, DTU Vindenergi - Robert Flemming Mikkelsen, DTU Vindenergi

Eksaminatorer: Torben Juul Larsen, DTU Vindenergi - Tor Anders Nygaard, IFE Norway - Petter Andreas Berthelsen, SINTEF Norway

Titel: Cascaded design tools for 10MW offshore wind turbine floater
An important step to make floating wind turbine technology economically feasible is the application of larger wind turbines and the ability to design the floater to minimum cost. This PhD study is part of the LIFES50+ project, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme. LIFES50+ aims at qualification methods for floaters that can support turbines of the 10MW class. The aim of the present PhD study is to develop new modelling techniques for offshore wind turbines that can complement existing aero-hydro-servo-elastic tools.

Most designs of floaters for offshore wind turbines are today based on simulations of many 10-minute load cases. The applied state-of-the-art tools are known to be quite accurate, but are limited by approximations that make them operational at about real-time calculation speed. For an improved design process, however, faster tools are needed to enable optimization in the pre-design phase. Further, accurate high-fidelity (and thus CPU-demanding) tools are needed for the detailed component design.

This PhD project focuses on the development and validation of such models and their application to specific floater concepts within LIFES50+. The PhD study will establish a set of models that cover both fast, state-of-the-art and high-fidelity tools. The tools will be validated against experimental data and cross-validated against each other.


tor 20 dec 18
13:00 - 15:00



Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
DTU Lyngby Campus, bld. 421, Auditorium 71
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