MSc forsvar Daniel Diaz Camacho

Titel: Wind Variability and Regionalization in South Africa

Supervisorer: Andrea Hahmann and Pierre-Elouan Réthoré

This thesis focuses on the study of the wind variability and its regionalization in South Africa.

A methodology based on the rotation of the main modes selected from a principal component analysis (PCA) was implemented for the regionalization process. Daily mean values of measurements from the meteorological masts installed as part of the Wind Atlas for South Africa (WASA) were used to divide the country in different regions according to the variability of the observations. The regionalization method was also applied to Weather Research & Forecast (WRF) model data on the location of the masts in order to compare the results. Four regions were found in every case, where the wind is also characterized for each region.

An interpretation of the map of regions is performed as an example of its application to study to what extent this work might be used to improve the wind power penetration in South Africa. Some assumptions are considered and explained in order to simplify the example, but it was observed that an increment in the share of electricity covered by wind power was obtained when distributing the installed capacity according to the variability maps. This might set an initial step for subsequent studies on the field about applying wind variability regionalization techniques to enhance the planning of new installed wind power capacity.



fre 14 jun 19
10:00 - 12:00


DTU Risø Campus
Bygning 118, Tycho Brahe-mødelokale
Frederiksborgvej 399
4000 Roskilde