MSc forsvar Ru Li

Vejledere: Lucas Marion (Ørsted), Asta Hannesdottir og Gunner Larsen (DTU Vindenergi)

Censor: Lars Landberg (DNV GL)

Titel: Characterizing Extreme Load Conditions Offshore: Identification and Interpretation of Gust Events
The purpose of this project is to study the representation of IEC EOG model on the offshore wind condition considering the size of muti-megawatt wind turbines. First, high frequency wind measurement from a met tower were inspected and filtered to extract a valid dataset. A new algorithm was then developed to identify coherent gust events. The patterns of the gust events including scales and shape were characterized from the captured gusts and used to build extreme gust models. Lastly, outputs from load simulations from the IEC EOG model and measurement-based gust model are compared. It is found that the IEC EOG model is conservative in the amplitude definition and its shape are not well representative for the real condition. This project uses a new method to study the offshore gust pattern and it provides a possible way to calibrate the IEC EOG model when there are more measurement available.


ons 18 sep 19
10:00 - 11:30


H.H. Koch Auditorium, DTU Risø Campus, DTU Vindenergi, Frederiksborgvej 399, 4000 Roskilde