MSc forsvar Aki Pian

Supervisor: Senior Researcher Andrea Hahmann, DTU Wind Energy - Senior Development Engineer Steffen Rasmussen, DTU Wind Energy

Examiner: Lars Landberg, DNV-GL

Title: Evaluating Potential Electricity Generation using Wind Estimates from the Global and New European Wind Atlases

High-resolution wind resource atlas have been released in the last recent years, there- fore, despite the large number of studies addressing the estimation of wind potential, the use of these wind atlas has not been performed yet on a large scale. This Master thesis presents a methodology for the estimation of wind power resource at a country level applying high-resolution wind atlas. 

A methodology is presented to apply different layers of constraints for wind energy and to mask the areas, optimizing the accuracy of the masking process with the limited time and computer source. This methodology can be applied either at local areas, considering more layers of constraints, or can be applied at a global scale, relying on super computers. In this thesis, the European and neighboring countries are investigated.

Different constraints are applied to three high-resolution wind atlas: New European Wind Atlas, Global Wind Atlas 3 and Global Wind Atlas 2. The different wind atlas provide slight discrepancies, larger in the mean power density. The higher wind resource produced by high-resolution wind atlas is due to the ability to capture the effects of terrain orography on the local wind flow. At the same time, the effect of overestimation due to the limitation of the linear flow model of the microscale modelling is observed in countries defined by a particular complex terrain, with an increase in the mean power density of 10–50% over these complex areas.

Further investigations are realized to understand the feasibility of different future scenarios for the EU countries. The scenarios for 2030 investigated, require a low share of the suitable area demonstrating the feasibility of these predictions. Applying 10% of the suitable area for wind energy results in an estimation of 5 times the actual EU wind capacity installed with the estimation of almost the entire EU energy consumption. Considering the good wind resource area available a potential of 26 times the actual installed capacity, associated to 4 times the EU energy consumption is available. These results show an improvement compared to a study from the EU were reanalysis wind data was applied, underling again the improvement that high-resolution wind atlas produce in the estimation of wind resources.


man 24 feb 20
10:00 - 11:30



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