Kim Branner

Kim Branner

Senior Scientist

Department of Wind Energy

Technical University of Denmark

Frederiksborgvej 399

Building 115, room S15

4000 Roskilde

Fax +4546 77 59 60
ORCID 0000-0002-9601-6343

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Modal Analysis of Wind Turbine Blades with Different Test Setup Configurations

Lorenzo, E. ; Manzato, S. ; Peeters, B. ; Ruffini, V. ; Berring, Peter ; Haselbach, Philipp Ulrich ; Branner, Kim ; Luczak, Marcin
part of: Topics in Modal Analysis & Testing, pages: 143-152, 2019, Springer, Cham
Presented at:
IMAC-XXXVII Conference and Exposition on Structural Dynamics 2019

Type: Book chapter (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2019     |    DOI:


Strain-based operational modal analysis for wind turbine blades

di Lorenzo, E. ; Manzato, S. ; Luczak, Marcin ; Peeters, B. ; Branner, Kim
part of: Proceedings of the 8th International Operational Modal Analysis Conference, 2019, IOMAC

Type: Article in proceedings (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2019


Trailing edge subcomponent testing for wind turbine blades–Part A: Comparison of concepts

Rosemeier, M. ; Antoniou, Alexandros ; Chen, Xiao ; Lahuerta, F. ; Berring, Peter ; Branner, Kim
in: Wind Energy, vol: 22, issue: 4, pages: 487-498

Type: Journal article (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2019     |    DOI:


Wind Turbine Surface Damage Detection by Deep Learning Aided Drone Inspection Analysis

Shihavuddin, ASM ; Chen, Xiao ; Fedorov, Vladimir ; Christensen, Anders Nymark ; Riis, Nicolai Andre Brogaard ; Branner, Kim ; Dahl, Anders Bjorholm ; Paulsen, Rasmus Reinhold
in: Energies, vol: 12, issue: 4

Type: Journal article (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2019     |    DOI:


Assessment and propagation of mechanical property uncertainties in fatigue life prediction of composite laminates

Castro, Oscar ; Branner, Kim ; Dimitrov, Nikolay Krasimirov
in: Journal of Composite Materials

Type: Journal article (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2018     |    DOI:


Buckling and progressive failure of trailing edge subcomponent of wind turbine blade

Chen, Xiao ; Berring, Peter ; Branner, Kim ; Madsen, Steen Hjelm ; Semenov, Sergei ; Belloni, Federico
part of: Proceedings of 21st International Conference on Composites Structures, 2018
Presented at:
21st International Conference on Composites Structures

Type: Conference abstract in proceedings (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2018


Cloud and Data - Op i vinden og ud i rummet - med IBM Cloud

Goude, Petra ; Biniok, Matthias ; Branner, Kim
Presented at:
IBM Think Copenhagen

Type: Conference abstract for conference (Peer reviewed)

Status: Published     |    Year: 2018