Test and Measurements (TEM)

The section focuses on full scale tests on wind turbines at the test stations in Høvsøre and Østerild and experimental research projects and performs accredited power curve and loads measurements and lidar calibration as well as turbine and wind measurements in research projects.

The Section for Test and Measurements focuses on full-scale tests on wind turbines at the test stations in Østerild and Høvsøre and implementation of experimental research projects. Core activities are accredited power curves, load measurements, lidar calibration, and wind and wind turbine measurements within research projects. TEM has technical expertise within sensors, databases, hardware, and software and offers logistical support for the experimental research projects and the accredited measurements.

The overall purpose in TEM is always to bring research all the way to the wind energy market. TEM contributes actively to all the research and innovation programmes with technical support, regarding all kinds of experimental work. The support includes project management, hardware, software, data handling, databases, design, planning, construction, preparation, installation, completion, and dismantling.

Lidar technology has become a major topic in TEM during the last ten years, including ground-based, nacelle-based, spinner-based and finally 3D WindScanners . New applications for lidars within wind energy are constantly being invented, developed, designed, matured, evaluated, calibrated, and validated together with the other research sections.

Main research and test facilities:

Products & Services:

  • Complete plug and play measuring systems for wind resource, power curve, loads, etc. 
  • Calibration of ground-based and nacelle-based lidars, accredited according to DANAK & ILAC. 
  • Database system collecting data from all experimental campaigns based on MySQL. 
  • On-line visualization and display of measurements with RODEO.

Head of Section

Poul Hummelshøj
Head of Section
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 50 81