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Resource Assessment Modelling (RAM)

The Section for Resource Assessment Modelling focuses on meteorological modelling of wind flows over terrain and ocean—for wind resources, site assessment, wind turbine loads, and wind farm operations.

RAM carries out research and modelling of mesoscale and boundary-layer meteorology. The objective is to predict wind conditions at site level, including resources, turbulence, extreme values, variability, and uncertainty, as well as other relevant meteorological quantities—and to disseminate knowledge of such to the wind energy sector.

Validation and application of our modelling are key elements of our work. RAM’s capacity-building activities—which include teaching, commercial courses, continuing education, certification, workshops, and publication—support dissemination and application of our work.

Our work leads to innovation in the form of software products, consulting services, guidelines, standards, and certification procedures; this is conducted in cooperation with international programmes, industry, and government agencies. Our development and dissemination of meteorological knowledge and tools further enable innovation within industry.

Current research areas include new methods for coupling mesoscale to microscale models, improved modelling of the impact of waves on ocean wind conditions, atmospheric conditions to turbine loads, uncertainty quantification, and wake modelling from microscale to mesoscale.

Products and consultancy
  • Wind energy industry-standard software (WAsP, WAsP Engineering, WAT, Fuga)
  • wasp.dk
  • Online WAsP web platform in partnership with EMD International A/S. Bringing resource calculation onto a web platform and tapping into datasets on the Global Wind Atlas
  • Global Wind Atlas web platform: Bringing our method and high-resolution datasets to society
  • Numerical Wind Atlas projects: Application of our mesoscale and microscale modelling methodologies, and training on application of the results.
  • Consultancy providing wind and meteorological data: Application of our modelling methods for wind and other meteorological conditions.

Head of Section

Jake Badger
Head of Section
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 50 94