Graphics showing wind turbines and the integration of them and connection to the grid

Integration and Planning (INP)

The Section for Integration and Planning addresses the transition towards a fully renewable-based power system, which is a critical challenge in Denmark, Europe, and globally. 

The aim of INP is value creation for society in both the short and longer term within large-scale integration of wind power plants in power systems and within the development and operation of wind farms. This includes supporting economic, stable, and reliable power system development with deployment and integration of large-scale onshore and offshore wind power into power systems. 

The research ranges from modelling and simulation of wind power variability, dynamics, system support, controls, and operation to development and design of electrical concepts as well as improving wind farm project planning, development, infrastructure, and social acceptance—broken down into four main themes

  • Integration and control of wind energy in power systems
  • Offshore wind power plants and grids
  • Wind farm operation
  • Planning and development of wind farms

INP is contributing to innovation, scientific advice, and knowledge transfer in a number of essential activities, including:

  • International collaboration and standardization in IEC and IEA 
  • Scientific advice in wind farm projects and power system studies
  • Capacity Building projects worldwide
  • Software development.

CorWind has been developed for modelling the variability of wind power and PV in power systems. In cooperation with the Section for Resource Assessment Modelling data have been created and delivered for the Pan-European (+ North Africa and Turkey) database with 35 years of RES generation load factor and temperature datasets. This enables a coherent simulation of weather-dependent variations for TSO studies like the Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP), defining the expansion of the Pan-European transmission system.

The work is well-rooted in the extensive experience of the INP staff in heading multidisciplinary project teams in DTU Wind Energy, and working in many projects globally with a big network of partners.