Photo of a Justine Beauson working at the fiberlab

Composite Materials (COM)

Section for Composite Materials (COM) covers manufacturing, characterization and mechanical testing of composites for wind turbine blades, and other structural applications.

COM has long-term experience in applied research and development of composite materials, as part of international and national projects (e.g. HYFISYN, DURALEDGE, OPTIMADEBLADE, BIO4SELF, INCOM, BLADE-KING), and in close collaboration with industry.

The work of COM is centered around the Composite Laboratories of Fiberlab, Plasmalab and Testlab, where the latter one is DANAK accredited for mechanical testing.

The competence and expertise of COM within manufacturing, characterization and mechanical testing of composites are shown in the diagram below. Shown are also the two crosscutting areas of elements and sustainable materials, which is considered central in future research and innovation of wind turbine blades.

COM has a profound experience and knowledge in working with composites, from their manufacturing, preparation of test samples and testing, coupled with a fundamental understanding of their special characteristics and underlying micromechanical mechanisms controlling their properties.

The vision for COM is to sustain its position among the leading composite laboratories for wind energy, and to play a visible and significant role in the development of future wind turbine blades.


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Head of Section

Bo Madsen
Associate Professor, Head of Section, Section of Composite Materials
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 58 85