Photo: Iben Julie Schmidt

Composite Materials (COM)

The Section for Composite Materials is responsible for the three labs: FiberLab, TestLab and PlasmaLab.

Section of Composite Materials (COM) focuses on processing, characterisation and mechanical testing of composite materials. Work is centred around the experimental facilities of Fiberlab, Testlab and Plasmalab.  Scientific disciplines of composite processing techniques, e.g. vacuum infusion; resin cure kinetics, analysis and modelling; biobased composites, properties and performance; micromechanical models and volumetric composition, laminate theory, advanced mechanical testing, e.g. fatigue testing monitored by thermography; development of loading fixtures, e.g. for compression; surface erosion testing, e.g. single point impact testing; surface treatment by gliding arc atmospheric pressure plasma.

Head of Section

Bo Madsen
Associate Professor, Head of Section, Section of Composite Materials
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 58 85