Offshore wind turbines side by side. The picture is taken by Witold Skrzypinski

OffshoreWake Large Scale Offshore Wake impact on the Danish Power System

Offshore wind farm clusters are expanding. Considering the expected capacity on the order of 1 – 2 GW, it is important to understand wind power variability caused by neighboring large wind farm wake (WFW) impact. Here we integrate calculation of WFW and important sea surface conditions to one modeling system to dynamically calculate the flow inside and around the wind farm clusters, as input to power calculation. The outputs serve farm planning and forecasting, through providing: (1) temporal power calculation (2) reaction to different farm configuration to wind speed and directions.

Expected outcome:
Quality modeling of large scale farm wakes, sea surface conditions and wind fields for the actual power production of wind farm clusters.  Improved wind speed time series with the wind speed reduction from wind farm wakes and influences from currents and waves.

The project began May 2017 and will run for 3 years


Xiaoli Guo Larsén
Senior Scientist
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 54 78