Gunner Larsen
31 AUG

Senior Researcher Gunner Christian Larsen is celebrating his 40 years anniversary

On 1 September, it is 40 years since senior researcher Gunner Christian Larsen was employed at The Research Facility Risø. Today, from his position as a project...

Energy Wind energy
10 AUG

Tender for lease of test stands at the Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines at...

Businesses are hereby invited to participate in this call for tenders for lease of test stands at the Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines at Høvsøre.

Wind energy
Emilio Barrachina Gascó
28 JUL

Master Thesis Defence of Emilio Barrachina Gascó

Hybrid wind, solar and storage power plant in electricity market.

Wind energy
Kenneth Algart
06 JUL

Kenneth Algart’s 25 years state anniversary

From maintenance of missiles and cannons to tests of materials in the laboratories of DTU Wind Energy. Research technician Kenneth Algart is going to celebrate his 25 years...

Energy Wind energy
Meet the future Anubhav Jain
08 JUN

Meet the future - Anubhav Jain

From Gurgaon in India over Zürich in Switzerland to DTU Wind Energy at Roskilde Fjord. Anubhav Jain’s journey has been long but worth it, says the PhD student...

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Meet the future
05 MAY

Meet the future - Oliver Lylloff

Oliver Lylloff is a PhD student at DTU Wind Energy and dedicated to his work with acoustics. He pursues his interest in sound at DTU Wind Energy in the Section for Aerodynamic...

Energy Wind energy
Test Centre Høvsøre
24 APR

Call for binding tenders concerning rental of test stands at Test Centre Høvsøre

There is a tender for lease of test stands at the Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines at Høvsøre.

Wind energy Energy
A screendump of Zoom
03 APR

Online meeting for ERA JP Wind and SETWind

A meeting that was supposted to be held at DTU Risø Campus was transferred to an online meeting with 61 participants. The meeting went well.

Wind energy Energy
Meet the future Sinem
03 MAR

Meet the future - PhD student Özge Sinem Özçakmak from DTU Wind Energy

Özge Sinem Özçakmak is 30 years old and an enthusiastic PhD student at DTU Wind Energy. She is interested in the importance of aerodynamics for wind turbine...

Energy Wind energy
Offshore wind turbines from Colourbox
28 FEB

Will wind energy in the German Bight approach a physical resource limit?

Offshore wind energy in the North Sea plays an important role in the European transition to a sustainable energy system. With more and more wind farms being planned for...

Wind energy Energy
Stock photo of offshore wind turbines
20 FEB

New open-source wind turbine model created

The 15 MW reference model, which DTU Wind Energy has helped develop, has a capacity to model both fixed-bottom and floating wind turbines.

Wind energy Energy
From the left Cathy Suo, Ignacio Martí and Kenneth Thomsen
11 FEB

DTU Wind Energy restructures - hires three new Head of Divisions

Cathy Suo, Kenneth Thomsen and Ignacio Martí are new Head of Divisions at DTU Wind Energy. Their positions have been created as part of a structural change, which...

Wind energy Energy
05 FEB

New version of HAWC2 released

HAWC2 version 12.8 entails some new features and various bug fixes.

Wind energy Energy
Alessandra Follo
31 JAN

First NOWRIC PhD students employed at DTU Wind Energy

Alessandra Follo is the first PhD student employed at DTU Wind Energy as part of the NOWRIC collaboration between DTU and Norwegian SINTEF and NTNU.

Wind energy Energy
The New Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy wind turbine
28 JAN

New giant wind turbines are being erected in Østerild

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, MHI Vestas and GE Renewable are in the process of installing wind turbines at three test stands at Test Centre Østerild.

Wind energy Energy
From the internal inauguration at the wind tunnel
28 JAN

Celebration of acoustic setup in the Poul la Cour Tunnel

On Friday January 24 2020, the acoustic setup in the National Wind Tunnel was inaugurated.

Wind energy Energy
A photo from DTU Risø Campus during summer
10 JAN

DTU Wind Energy presents the 41st Risø International Symposium on Materials Science

This year’s Symposium on Materials Science will focus on ’Materials and design for next generation wind turbine blades’, and it takes place from Monday...

Wind energy Energy
Vindmøllevinge erosion
03 JAN

Before DTU Wind Energy Symposium: Great international interest in erosion of wind...

DTU Wind Energy will gather 100 international experts at the beginning of 2020 to discuss the development of new solutions for leading edge erosion.

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