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New project on Maintenance and repair of wind turbines

Tuesday 06 Oct 20
To optimize the maintenance and repair strategy of wind turbines, DTU Wind Energy started a new research and development project Maintainergy, "Maintenance and Repair Strategies for Wind Energy Development”. The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and coordinated by Danida Fellowship Center.

Many wind turbines, installed in 2000s, will reach the end of their planned lifetime between 2020 and 2030. The share of installed wind turbines older than 15 years in Europe reaches 28% in 2020. The ageing wind turbines need more intensive repair and maintenance efforts, in order to ensure the extension of their service life.

Leon Mishnaevsky Jr., Senior Researcher at the DTU Wind Energy, is the principal investigator and coordinator of this project. The objective of the project is to evaluate maintenance technologies, develop computational models of repair and maintenance, and provide guidelines and recommendations for the efficient maintenance and repair of wind turbines. 
The project involves the collaboration with Danish service and repair company Danish Blade ServiceApS and six Indian partners, among them, two Indian industrial repair companies, WindCare India, and Wish Energy Solutions, National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE), National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi.  NIWE is the Nodal Agency for development of wind energy in India, and will contribute to evaluation of the maintenance market and repair requirements. National Aerospace Laboratories, with its unique composite repair technologies developed both for aerospace applications and for wind energy, will apply its know-how to improve the maintenance technologies. DTU team and IIT Delhi partners will apply advanced computational and experimental methods, to optimize the repair technologies, quality of adhesives, but also design and optimize the training of technicians.  The service and maintenance companies, Danish Blade Service, WiSH Energy Solutions and WindCare India Ltd will validate the results and ensure their practical application. Figure 1 shows DTU and Danish Blade Service teams, with repaired wind blade part.

The project will run for three years. 


“Efficient and reliable technologies of maintenance and repair of wind turbines will create pre-conditions for reducing the costs of wind energy, and make the wind energy even more competitive on the market”, says Leon Mishnaevsky Jr, project coordinator (DTU WE).  “Enhancing the quality of repair can open new possibility for the extension of service time of wind turbines”.

Kim Wichmann Hansen (Chairman of Danish Blade Service) adds: “Advanced technologies of repair and maintenance of wind turbines will enable us to improve further the service quality of wind turbines for our customers. Weather downtime during repair is a significant cost driver so creating high quality repair methods that can be implemented in smaller weather windows is one of the solutions we look forward to contribute with to this project, and the validations of a safe and practical implementation".

Mr. K.Boopathi, Director &  Division Head, National Institute Of Wind Energy (NIWE) agrees: “Improving the quality of maintenance of wind turbines is an important step in the expansion of wind energy in India. We are looking forward to start this project, to provide new solutions for the Indian renewable sector”.