Alessandra Cossu

Master Thesis Defence of Alessandra Cossu

Tuesday 28 Jul 20

Online Microsoft Teams Meeting

Tuesday 4th August 10:00-10:30. Registration needed. Please contact Kaushik Das ( to participate.
Optimal sizing of hybrid power plant

Hybrid Power Plants combining renewable assets attenuate the unpredictable nature of renewable sources, therefore enhancing their benefits. A Hybrid Power Plant combining wind and solar generators with battery energy storage system is analyzed in this thesis. The objective is to determine the rated capacities of the technologies which yield the maximum revenue stream while ensuring a feasible investment. Therefore, a mathematical model to maximize the Net Present Value (NPV) is implemented. Electricity price profiles, power time series and costs are the parameters affecting the energy arbitrage of the battery, the anti-correlation between wind and solar resources and the installation ratio between the capacities. The sizing optimization is applied to an Indian case study, considering specific wind and solar resources and Power Purchase Agreement conditions. Technical and economical parameters are analyzed to assess the synergies of the technologies involved. Cost decrease, reduction of renewable sources intermittency, capacity factor and revenue increase are the main benefits observed. Different scenarios are considered in order to compare these aspects. Finally, a sensitivity analysis is carried out to estimate the uncertainties involved in the model.

Time: Tuesday 4th August 10:00-10:30
Supervisors: Poul  Sørensen, Kaushik Das, Andrea Gavrilovic, Suzlon
Censor: Preben Nyeng 

For more information, please contact Kaushik Das.
6 AUGUST 2020