Test Centre Høvsøre

Call for binding tenders concerning rental of test stands at Test Centre Høvsøre

Friday 24 Apr 20
There is a tender for lease of test stands at the Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines at Høvsøre.

DTU Wind Energy hereby invites businesses to participate in this call for tenders, contract id no. 237934:1, Tender for lease of test stands at the Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines at Høvsøre.

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Tenders must be submitted using this system and within the expiry of the tender deadline. It will not be possible to submit tenders after the expiry of the deadline.

The deadline for submission of tender is 2020-05-28 16:00:00, Danish local time.

The tender must be submitted in Danish or English.


The call for tenders is conducted as an open procedure and therefore only comprises one phase.

Participation in the bidding round takes place by responding to the questions in the system and submitting the relevant and required documents.

Only compliant tenders will be evaluated.

1 OCTOBER 2020