DTU in Global Lead

Friday 28 Aug 20
The DTU is in global lead measured in scientific publications since year 2000. Measured in wind technology publications Denmark is the most publicising country per capita in the world

As Peter Hauge Madsen, Head of Department, wrote this week:

"This week, the Academy of the Technical Sciences at their annual meeting presented a report on Denmark’s positions of strength in a global perspective. 11 technology areas of strategic importance for Denmark were compared to the world’s leading tech-regions on indicators for research and patents. In general the comparison is disheartening; in only 4 areas - biotechnology, food technology, sound technology and wind technology – is Denmark above average in the comparison. Of these wind technology stands out, and Danish research is in the global lead with 0,68 scientific publications per 1000 persons in the population".  

Find the report here (Danish):
1 OCTOBER 2020