Christian Bak and Wen Zhong Shen new professors at DTU Wind Energy

Friday 18 Dec 20


Peter Hauge Madsen
Head of Department
DTU Wind Energy
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Christian Bak
DTU Wind Energy
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Wen Zhong Shen
DTU Wind Energy
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As we head for the Christmas break and a new year, the Department of Wind Energy is happy to present the promotion of two of our colleagues to professors.

This brings the total number of department professors to 12 and speaks to the width and depth of the department’s research.

“Christian Bak and Wen Zhong Shen have both been instrumental in advancing our knowledge in core domains of wind energy research. Christian combines a long record of accomplishment in aerodynamics with his deep knowledge in wind tunnel testing as head of the Poul La Cour Wind Tunnel. Shen is spearheading our research into new advanced models to understand noise propagation from wind turbines which can help mitigate potential negative effects of wind turbines on wind farm neighbours.”
                                                           Peter Hauge Madsen, Head of Department

Professor Christian Bak
has carried out research in theoretical and experimental airfoil and rotor aerodynamics since 1997. Examples are the design of the Risø airfoils used on multi MW rotors, the aerodynamic measurements on a full-scale 2 MW wind turbine (DANAERO MW) and the establishment of the artificial DTU 10 MW reference wind turbine.
He is director of the Poul la Cour Tunnel, which he was responsible for designing. The wind tunnel runs aerodynamic and aero-acoustic tests supporting his research in wind turbine airfoils and rotors, e.g. aerodynamics of eroded blades.

Professor Wen Zhong Shen has been working on wind turbine aeroacoustics for 20 years, mainly in the development of flow-acoustics framework WindSTAR code for wind turbine/farm noise propagation from source to receiver, the Navier-Stokes based flow-acoustics splitting technique about sound generation from airfoils, and low noise airfoil, rotor and wind farm design.
He is currently working on developing low-noise wind farm control strategy using WindSTAR for optimally operating wind turbines in wind farm, and the further development of the flow-acoustics splitting technique for simulating airfoil and rotor with porous trailing-edge and for noise reduction.