Stock photo of offshore wind turbines

New open-source wind turbine model created

Thursday 20 Feb 20

The 15 MW reference model, which DTU Wind Energy has helped develop, has a capacity to model both fixed-bottom and floating wind turbines.

DTU Wind Energy has, together with NREL and University of Maine, released a reference offshore wind turbine design with a 15MW capacity.

The name of the open-source model is the IEA 15MW, which refers to the collaboration in International Energy Agency (IEA) Task 37, which both DTU Wind Energy and NREL is a part of. The model files and documentation are available publicly on GitHub.

Development history

NREL developed the first version of the IEA 15MW in OpenFAST. The model was then refined by researchers at NREL and DTU Wind Energy, and it was ultimately transferred to HAWC2, the aeroelastic software that DTU Wind Energy works with.

Even though it has just been developed, the model is already the subject of interest for a wide selection of projects and papers. Altogether, the reference turbine can accommodate multiple software tools and will provide industry with a tool for designing the next generation offshore wind turbines. 

According to the researchers from DTU Wind Energy who worked on the reference wind turbine, the model is expected to be useful in many offshore projects in the future.