The eight graduands after the graduation ceremony

Eight students graduated the Masters of Wind Energy

Monday 02 Sep 19

The graduands

Apostolos Doris (Greece), Renan Venturini de Paula (Italy), César Bourgeois (France), Gloria Bahl Chambi (Argentina), José Alberto Navarro Martínez (Spain), Ricardo Zetina Benignos (Mexico), Ding Sou (China) & Christian Søndergaard (Denmark)

It is possible to sign up

It is possible to sign up for the next semester.

Admission to the programme requires a B.Sc. or B.Eng. degree or higher and at least, two years of relevant working experience.

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Friday August 30 2019, eight students from all over the world graduated from the first online Masters programme offered by DTU.

“You are important role models for others who are enrolled in the Wind Energy Master Programme or thinking about getting involved. In a broader sense, you can inspire others out there in the industry or your home countries.” 

The words belong to Dean Philip Binning from DTU and they were addressed to the eight new graduands at DTU. 

Eight people from all over the world graduated the online Masters of Wind Energy, Friday August 30 2019 and were celebrated at a ceremony at DTU Risø Campus.

The first

In his speech, Dean Philip Binning, DTU, also stressed, that the eight graduands are the first ones to graduate the online education, and Head of Department at DTU Wind Energy, Peter Hauge Madsen mentioned the importance for people like the graduands:

“The world needs people with the engineering skills in order to solve the challenges we are facing today. I am convinced that there is a need for the skills you have acquired during your two years of wind energy studies.”

The coolest people

Head of Studies at DTU Wind Energy, Merete Badger was proud of the eight graduands. She is the one who created the Masters of Wind Energy education two years ago, and to her it has been like watching her children grow up:

“You are some of the coolest, most impressive and dedicated individuals, I know,” she said in her speech.

“You are the first to try out our Online Master courses and you have had to cope with one or two difficulties along the way. I thank you for your patience and dedication.”

Ding Suo from China is one of the new graduands. She was working within the field of wind energy before signing up for the course:

“Before, I was only focused on wind turbine blades, and I wanted more knowledge about the whole wind turbine industry,” she said. She also changed job while studying the masters, and now she can use her new knowledge.

“I have already recommended the courses to people I know, and I have one friend who is taking the course next year,” she said.

Support from the family

Apostolos Doris from Greece is one of the other graduands. He brought his wife and daughter with him to Denmark to support him during the final exams and at the graduation ceremony.

He has been working within the field of oil and gas for 10 years and now he wanted something new:

“I want to be part of something bigger. I want to be part of the green energy transition,” he says and continues:

“When you have a full time job, you need to find a study, that is flexible, and the Masters of Wind Energy is flexible.”

“It has already been two years. Today has been a great day. It was the day, I have been looking forward to,” he concludes before returning to his family.

Apostolos Doris and his family