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PhD at DTU Wind Energy wins prestigious award

Friday 22 Sep 17

Previous DTU Wind Energy winners

JC is not the first PhD at DTU Wind Energy to receive the award.

In 2015, Emmanuel Simon Pierre Branlard receives the award and two years prior to that, in 2013, Leonardo Bergami received the award as well.

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Jayachandra Sakamuri, former PhD-student at DTU Wind Energy in INP wins the EAWE Young Wind Doctor Award 2017.

The former PhD-student at INP, Jayachandra (JC) Sakamuri has been awarded the prestigious EAWE Young Wind Doctor Award 2017 for his PhD-thesis on ‘Coordinated Control of Wind Power Plants in Offshore HVDC Grids’.

The Excellent Young Wind Doctor Award is adjudicated by a Committee led by Professor Gerard van Bussel, TU Delft, Netherlands. Nominations should be supported with a motivation of the PhD supervisor and a motivation by an eawe member not being the PhD supervisor.

JC himself is proud of the award. In an e-mail sent to his supervisors Nicolaos Cutululis, Poul Ejnar Sørensen and Anca Hansen he writes:

“Thanks a lot for your support. Special thanks to Nikos for believing and nominating me for this award. I am happy that EAWE and Professor Gerard have also acknowledged the contribution for Guidance for Graduates”

Guidance for Graduates
Besides writing his PhD, JC also took the time to make several videos about life as an PhD-student at DTU Wind Energy and in Denmark.

Among others, he has made videos about “How to Write an Effective CV and Motivation Letter for Admission into Good University” and “Study in Denmark, PhD in Denmark, Masters in Denmark, Study in Europe, Scholarships in Denmark”

Find JC’s videos here
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