Foto: Witold Skrzypinski

The new large wind turbines require a focus on wind turbine blades

Friday 07 Jul 17


Flemming Rasmussen
Head of Section
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 50 48
The wind turbines in wind farms are growing rapidly. Future generations of wind turbines are expected to be as tall as 300 meters. They are not only growing in height: the new large wind turbines are getting larger wind turbine blades, too. One challenge for the researchers in wind energy is making the blades longer without increasing the load and weight of the blades.

At DTU Wind Energy researchers are working on keeping down the weight of the very long blades. The typical contents of a blade can be a mix of carbon fibre and glass fibre. A method of decreasing the weight is the possibility of modifying the flexibility of the blades and among other things to use more of the lighter material carbon fibre instead of the glass fibre.

Formerly, the weight of the blades was not an issue for the researchers as these were relatively light compared to the size of the wind turbine. But now with the enormous size of the wind turbines there is a point in decreasing the weight of the blades in order to lower some of the loads on the wind turbines:
“To go for a reduction of the weight of the blades is worth while because of large size of the wind turbines”, says Head of the Section for Aerodynamic Design at DTU Wind Energy Flemming Rasmussen. He adds: “By using the newly developed integrated design methods and new smart technologies in a combination with lighter and stronger materials we can go even further”.
29 OCTOBER 2020