PhD defence Amin Ghadirian

Supervisor: Professor Henrik Bredmose, DTUWind Energy

Examiners: David R. Fuhrmann, Associate Professor, DTU Mechanical Engineering - Pierre Ferrant, Professor, LHEEA, France - Sverre Kristian Haver, Adjunct Professor NTNU, Norway

Title: Extreme wave loads on monopoles; Identification, reproduction and detailed investigation
The PhD project has evolved in the investigation of the breaking waves in three aspects, namely identification, numerical reproduction and analytic modelling.

In the identification the First order Reliability Method is used to predict the shape of the extreme wave in terms of wave height, inline force and bending moment on the monopile. OpenFOAM tool box waves2Foam and fully nonlinear potential flow solver OceanWave3D are used for the numerical reproduction. In addition, models like Wienke et al 2005 and Cooker and Pergerine 1995 are going to be used to implement a new breaking wave model.

Three conference papers are already published regarding validation of the numerical models in extreme waves reproduction, investigation of the effect of sea spreading and use of the first order reliability method in prediction of the extreme waves in different sea states. 


Wed 23 Jan 19
14:00 - 16:00



Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
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