PhD defence Lorenzo Colone

Supervisors: Senior Scientist Anand Natarajan, DTU Wind Energy - Senior Scientist Nikolay Krasimirov, DTU Wind Energy

Examiners: Professor Po Wen Cheng, University of Stuttgart - Professor Lance Manuel, The University of Texas at Austin - Senior Scientist Gunner Chr. Hansen, DTU Wind Energy

Title: Cost-effective Strategies for Wind Farm O&M
In this project, data acquired from monitoring systems will be used for validating a broad range of models and to reduce the uncertainties in the decision system used to plan maintenance. The initial part will be dedicated to understand the key benefits of using preventive actions, which components can be addressed and how to implement the system on a wind farm scale.

Starting from metocean, SCADA and condition monitoring data of the most failing units, failure will be analysed, classified and correlated with external loads. The information gained will be merged with a statistical description of the failure rate for a critical class of mechanical components and set up maintenance strategies for future repair, replenishment and maintenance. 


Fri 11 Jan 19
13:00 - 16:00



Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
DTU Risø Campus, bld. 112, H.H. Koch
Frederiksborgvej 399
400 Roskilde