PHD Defence Anna-Maria Tilg

Precipitation in the context of wind turbine blade erosion

Anna-Maria Tilg

The defence will run using Zoom.
To sign up for the defence, please contact Camilla Hostrup,, no later than 13 January at 13:00.

Those who have signed up will be invited to the proceedings.


Main supervisor: Charlotte Hasager, Professor, DTU Wind Energy
Co-supervisor: Flemming Vejen, Senior Environmental Scientist, DMI, Witold Robert Skrzypiński,Team Lead, Optimization and Validation, Offshore Turbine Control, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy


Merete Badger, Senior Researcher, DTU Wind Energy
Michael Robdrup Rasmussen, Professor, Aalborg University Denmark,
Johannes Pieter Verhoef, Researcher, TNO Energy Transition

Chairperson at defence:

Ioanna Karagali, Senior Researcher, DTU Wind Energy


Thu 14 Jan 21
13:00 - 15:00