Test Centre Østerild

In June 2010 the Danish Government passed a law in order to establish a national test centre for wind turbines at Østerild, The Technical University of Denmark was appointed head of the establishment and operation of the new wind turbine prototype test facility.

Test Centre Østerild was established with 7 test stands during 2012 and allows for erection of wind turbines of up to 210 and 250 meters respectively.

During spring 2017, the Danish Government has decided to expand at Østerild. In the future there will be room for two more wind turbines with a height up to 330 meter. 

Opening of new Visitor's Centre in 2017
In September 2017, a new Visitor's Centre opened at the test centre. At the new facility, visitors will be able to gain more knowledge about the area, wind turbines and wind energy as such. Everyone can enter the new building.

The Visitor's Centre is open from 7 AM until 10 PM.

The Test Centre's geographical location and facilities allow for the wind turbine industry in collaboration with DTU and other research institutions to carry out research, development and tests of prototype wind turbines and new wind turbine technology.

Stand Nummer  Virksom-
Effect MW  Rotor diameter (meter)  Hub højde (meter) Tip højde (meter)
1  EDF RE GE 150-6 MW  6.0  150  117  192 
Vestas V120  2.0 120 101 159
Vestas  V136-3,45 MW 3.45  130 116  184 
Vestas  V150-4.2 MW  4.2 150 137  212
Envision Energy  EN-120/3.0 MW  3.0  120  90  150 
Siemens Wind Power SG-DD-167  8.0 167 120 203,5
Siemens Wind Power SWT-7,0  7.0  154  120  197 
Siemens Wind Power



Envision Coming

Head of Section

Poul Hummelshøj
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 50 81

Research Technician

Poul Falk Nielsen
DTU Wind Energy
+45 25 55 00 76
See how the wind blows and how it influences the energy in Østerild at the moment.