Materials and Structures

This programme will enable the development of the next generations of efficient and sustainable materials and structures for wind turbine systems, based on targeted research producing innovative tools and methods for design, modelling, manufacturing, testing and decommissioning. 

This programme focuses on four key areas:

  • Efficient materials and structures. Enable more efficient development of materials and structures by closing the gaps in the design-manufacture-test-monitoring loop
  • Reliability of structures. Increase the reliability of structures by linking numerical methods and testing from microscale, over coupons and sub-components to full scale
  • Fatigue performance. Reduce operational expenses (OPEX) of wind turbine systems by improving the fatigue performance of materials and structures, and by improved lifetime predictability of individual components
  • Sustainability. Ensure sustainability of wind turbine materials and structures based on life cycle analysis

This programme will benefit from a unique range of research and testing capabilities available within DTU Wind Energy covering from nanoscasle to the full scale of the system (i.e. blades).


Ignacio Martí
Head of Division
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 54 67