Guidelines for Design of Wind Turbines

The book Guidelines for Design of Wind Turbines is a compilation of engineering knowledge and excellent for people working with Design of Wind Turbines. The guidelines give a detailed introduction to many subjets covering engineering wind turbine subjects.The book is an indispensable reference book for professionel wind turbine engineers.

Besides, it is the co-operation between Det Norske Veritas and the former Risø National Laboratory (now DTU Wind Energy) that has lead to the creation of the book. The writing of the book is based on funding from the Danish Energy Agency.

More about the Guidelines for Design of Wind Turbines and its content:

The book is divided into 11 chapters and explains specific subjects of wind turbine engineering. In addition, there is a number of appendices which addresses aspects the referes to wind tubines and engineering in general.

The book has the following content:

Wind turbine concepts
Conceptual and economical aspects. Energy production...

Safety and reliability
Probabilistic background for design codes and standards. System safety and operation.
Methods for evaluation of the safety and reliability of a wind turbine and its components.

External conditions
Environmental conditions: wind, sea state, temperature, earthquakes etc. Basic formulas for representing the environmental loading. Guidelines for dealing with special stability issues, e.g. wind shear and transient wind conditions...

Calculation of design loads according to different design methods. Practical approach to aeroelastic modeling. Wave loads for offshore wind turbines...

Design of rotor blades and hub...

Design of the main nacelle components such as shaft, bearings, gear, yaw system, couplings and generator...

Tower concepts and design criteria...

Foundation concepts and design criteria, including soil structure interaction...

Electrical system
Electrical components, wind turbines configurations, control straregies and grid connection...

User-, installation, service and maintenance manuals...

Test and measurements
Power performance, load and noise measurements, basic test and blade test...

Bolt connections
Analysis of bolt forces, pretension and fatigue...

Rules of thumb
Rules of similarity for wind turbine rotors...

Fatigue calculations
Introduction to different types of fatigue assessment

Fem calculations
Types of analysis, modeling and documentation

Material properties
Properties of various materials, commonly used in wind turbines...

Terms and definitions
Definition of common wind turbine terms...

Tables and conversions
conversion between various units

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