InnoWind: Innovation for global wind energy exploitation on land using satellites

InnoWind will push for an integration of existing Copernicus data layers into flow modeling for wind energy resource assessment. The application of satellite-based model inputs is limited in the wind energy community today, and the access to high-quality Copernicus data at no cost is not yet utilized.


InnoWind aims to deliver new Copernicus downstream value-added products and services that fulfill the needs of the wind energy industry for land-based wind farm planning. Specifically, to:

  • Develop novel algorithms to derive aerodynamic surface properties from Copernicus data and test against ground truth at wind energy sites.
  • Integrate satellite-based map layers seamlessly in flow models operated by industrial end-users.
  • Document the scientific and financial impact of new satellite-based map layers for wind resource assessment.


Merete Badger
Senior scientist
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 50 02