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Many new students at DTU Wind Energy in 2017

Wednesday 10 Jan 18


Jens Nørkær Sørensen
DTU Wind Energy
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Niels-Erik Clausen
Associate Professor
DTU Wind Energy
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In 2017, DTU Wind Energy had the pleasure of welcoming many new students.

In 2017, 60 MSc thesis students finished their education at DTU Wind Energy. Furthermore, 58 students were accepted at the Master of Wind Energy (MScWE) in 2017 and additionally 31 students were accepted at the Master in Sustainable Energy (MScSE). If it is compared to the year before (2016), where there were 43 MScWE students and 27 MScSE students, then 2017 was a really good year.

Jens Nørkær Sørensen, Head of Education at DTU Wind Energy is pleased with the outcome of 2017:

”It is very positive, that so many students wish to attend our master educations. It looks promising for the future,” he says.

Planning and Development of Wind Farms
The DTU course Planning and Development of Wind Farms was one of the courses with the most students. 84 students passed the course in January 2017.

Niels-Erik Clausen, who is in charge of the course and also head of study board looks back at the course with great satisfaction:

”In our Planning and Development course we had a new high with 84 students in 2017. Next year we will in addition to the MSc course also offer the course in an online version for the industry as a part of our online master,” he says and continues:

“As head of the study board I am happy to see that also in a year with many students at our courses at DTU Wind Energy we keep the high quality of our teaching.”