Danish wind turbine sets new record

Wednesday 08 Feb 17


Peter Hjuler Jensen
Deputy Head of DTU Wind Energy
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 50 37
A Vestas MHI wind turbine placed at Østerild - National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines has set a new world record for the production of energy for offshore wind turbines.

The wind turbine is a type V164-8.0 MW is an offshore wind turbine but it is placed on land at the Test Centre at Østerild. It was actually build to generate 8MW but it has been rebuilt so it now can produce 9MW.

Concerning the world record, Peter Hjuler Jensen, Deputy Head of Department says:

”The wind turbine has produced its maximum capacity for 24 hours. It has had the absolute best wind conditions.”

According to Peter Hjuler Jensen there will be new world records in the future. DTU Wind Energy has been working theoretically on how to get larger wind turbines that can produce a maximum of 20MW:

“Wind turbines that produces 20MW is 1,4 times bigger than the wind turbine from MHI Vestas. When you deal with wind turbines in that size, a lot of things change, and it requires that we do more research,” says Peter Hjuler Jensen.

21 MAY 2018