The first unique test in DTU Large Scale Facility

Friday 13 Apr 18


Kim Branner
Senior Scientist
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 54 70
For the first time researchers from DTU Wind Energy have tested wind turbine blades in the new test facility Large Scale Facility at DTU Risø Campus.

The new test facility was inaugurated in November last year and at the current tests the researchers are trying out whether the equipment purchased for the facility meets the requirements or not. The tests of the equipment are done in order to be ready for testing wind turbine blades and other structures for the industry as well as research projects.
The tests are so-called site acceptance tests and they are carried out on small wind turbine blades. Senior researcher at DTU Wind Energy Kim Branner tells about the tests:

“In the recent tests we made the wind turbine blade oscillate in two directions simultaneously. This was done by moving a weight up and down at the blade in order to make it oscillate”.

The equipment is mass resonance exciters. When the mass connected to the exciter is moving with the same frequency of which the blade would naturally oscillate, the blade starts to oscillate. What is new, is exciting at two frequencies at the same time in order to make the blade oscillate in two directions simultaneously. Kim Branner believes that this is the first time such a test was carried out in Denmark. DTU has chosen the Industrial Group of Moog Inc. as the supplier of equipment for the Large Scale Facility. Please watch the test in action at the video above.

The tests of the equipment are comprehensive and Kim Branner expects them to be finished in May. Parallel to this the first real project in the Large Scale Facility started. In this project, which is called Blatigue, methods and equipment for tests of large wind turbine blades are being developed. Please read more about the project here.