Servere fra datacenter på DTU Risø Campus

DTU expands the IT infrastructure for new buildings at Risø Campus

Thursday 04 Jan 18


Bent Bøgelund Hansen
IT Service
+45 46 77 55 36

The last months DTU Wind Energy has expanded with new buildings at Risø Campus for the research of the department. The research facilities are going to be used for testing wind turbine blades and other large constructions. 

The new Large Scale Facility and the Poul la Cour Wind Tunnel are now visible and soon they are ready for being used. Behind the scenes of the enormous projects activities of a less visible character are taking place; yet they are a prerequisite for the functioning of the facilities. Among these are the construction of the IT infrastructure which the Department of IT at DTU (AIT) at Risø Campus is responsible for. DTU are going to invest three million DKK in the new infra structure.

Fibre-optic network ring for DTU Risø Campus
Measurements are going to take place in the new research facilities and they are expected to create a lot of data. The measurements are going to be carried out with 4K high resolution cameras. Extra high band width is needed to transmit data to the servers. Consequently, AIT is currently establishing a fibre-optic network ring which includes the Large Scale Facility, Poul la Cour Wind Tunnel and the servers.

Bent Bøgelund Hansen from IT Department at DTU (situated at Risø Campus) explains: ”We are creating the fibre-optic network ring to ensure that the IT infrastructure, which supports the large research facilities at Risø Campus are still working even if drawbacks in the system take place. Concurrently we would like to offer fibre for the data from the measurings so that the large amounts of data from the test installation will not disturb the other data traffic”.

The fibre-optic network ring which is made thin so-called single-mode optical fibres is a connection to two data centres at Risø Campus. The optical fibres are ensuring a fast transmission of data over long distances. The data centres can be described as large rooms with servers, which are keeping production or other platforms going.

With the fibre-optic network ring all users at Risø Campus get the opportunity of accessing data installations situated in these data centres. In this way the researchers can log in and get access to the data from the test facilities. Another advantage is the fact that the data are more protected in a data centre compared to computers and drives.

The first part of the fibre-optic network ring is expected to be ready for use in the beginning of 2018 and it is expected to be fully developed during summer.

Better servers and data storage 
AIT is also working at making the servers and data storage, which operate the large research infrastructures, less exposed to flaws. Thus a number of physical servers are going to be placed at the laboratory and the server sites. These servers are housing the so-called virtual servers that are used for various research purposes. The virtual servers are able to find their way to another physical server, if an operation issue occurs. This means that the two data centres support each other. In the same way a new data storage is established where data can be situated at two data centres.

The practical conditions for the servers, data storage and network to work is the occurrence of electricity and cooling. Without cooling the operation of IT at Risø Campus would stop within ten minutes. To ensure such basic conditions AIT is currently working at establishing a double power supply for the server room. In this way electricity for servers and cooling can be optained from two supply lines: If one supply line is falling out, the other can take over.