21 JUN

Building Large Scale Facility: new photos from the construction site

In Fall 2017 Large Scale Facility will open at the DTU Wind Energy Risø Campus. Large Scale Facility will be a unique facility of the highest international standards...

20 JUN

Wind Energy Science Conference 2017 at DTU

Wind Energy Science Conference 2017 (WESC-2017) is the first in a series of bi-annual conferences launched by the European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE), with the support...

Wind energy
15 JUN

Collaborative underwater robots for offshore industry

Today, DTU inaugurates a laboratory where researchers will complete a modular robot for use in e.g. offshore wind turbine platforms. The robot will be used for inspection...

Electrotechnology Robot technology and automation
13 JUN

New images from the Poul la Cour Wind Tunnel construction site

Construction is going on at the DTU Wind Energy Risø Campus near Roskilde. In the beginning of 2018, the campus will accomodate a new one-of-a-kind wind tunnel. Below...

12 JUN

The wind turbines at Østerild do not influence the birds negatively

A new study makes it clear that the wind turbines do not bother birds and bats at National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines.

Wind energy
08 JUN

New light marking ready for use at the National Test Center at Østerild

The new light marking at the National Test Center for Large Wind Turbines at Østerild has been installed and are now ready for use.

Wind energy
31 MAY

3 questions for Professor Henrik Stiesdal

Until 2014 Henrik Stiesdal was the Chief Technology Officer of Siemens Wind Power . During his professional career, Stiesdal has made more than 175 inventions...

Wind energy
31 MAY

New wind tunnel is opening in 2018

The new wind tunnel at DTU Risø Campus is well on its way. In the beginning of 2018, the wind tunnel will be officially opened.

Wind energy
30 MAY

New measurements in Perdigao make the wind atlas more accurate

Four WindScanners measure the movements of the wind simultaneously in Portuguese Perdigao. That is new.

Wind energy
30 MAY

Meet us at Offshore Wind Energy 2017 in London

DTU Wind Energy participates in the 2017 Offshore Wind Europe conference in London on 6-8th of June 2017.

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