04 AUG

Poul la Cour Wind Tunnel seen from the sky

During the past year, the DTU Wind Energy Risø Campus has been buzzing with acitivities related to two new buildings, one of them being the Poul la Cour Wind Tunnel...

19 JUL

Opening of the new visitor centre in Østerild on September 9th

The new visitor centre situated at the National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines at Østerild will be officially opened on September 9th 2017. Lars Christian Lilleholt...

Wind energy
14 JUL

Wind energy is a huge part of the Danish electricity demand

This last week, more than half of the Danish electricity demand was met by wind energy, shows numbers from Wind Europe.

Wind energy
13 JUL

From atoms to windturbines: World-class materials modelling

What properties do materials have, and how do they behave under different loads and circumstances? Provided that reliable models capable of predicting the above are available...

Mathematical modelling Construction and mechanics Materials Production and management
10 JUL

DTU Wind Energy wins first and second place at the International Small Wind Turbine...

DTU Wind Energy beat four competitors in the International Small Wind Turbine Contest. DTU Wind Energy won both 1 st and 2 nd place.

Wind energy
07 JUL

The new large wind turbines require a focus on wind turbine blades

The wind turbines in wind farms are growing rapidly. Future generations of wind turbines are expected to be as tall as 300 meters. They are not only growing in height:...

Wind energy
07 JUL

A walk through the Poul la Cour Wind Tunnel

Work is still on-going at the Poul la Cour Wind Tunnel construction site. The building structure is in place and currently the inside components are being installed. Please...

Wind energy
21 JUN

Building Large Scale Facility: new photos from the construction site

In Fall 2017 Large Scale Facility will open at the DTU Wind Energy Risø Campus. Large Scale Facility will be a unique facility of the highest international standards...

20 JUN

Wind Energy Science Conference 2017 at DTU

Wind Energy Science Conference 2017 (WESC-2017) is the first in a series of bi-annual conferences launched by the European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE), with the support...

Wind energy
15 JUN

Collaborative underwater robots for offshore industry

Today, DTU inaugurates a laboratory where researchers will complete a modular robot for use in e.g. offshore wind turbine platforms. The robot will be used for inspection...

Electrotechnology Robot technology and automation

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18 AUGUST 2017