Phd defense Edgar Martinez

Supervisors: Senior Researcher Nicolaos A. Cutululis, DTU Wind Energy, Professor Poul E. Sørensen, DTU Wind Energy

External examinersSenior Researcher, Gregor Giebel, DTU Wind Energy, Professor George Kariniotakis, MINES ParisTech/Armines, Associated Professor Dirk Van Hertem, KU Leuven

Title: Impact of Renewable Energy Uncertainty on Electric Power System Reliability
Over the past decades, renewable energy sources (RES) have become a success story worldwide. They represent a clean source of energy which can ensure cheap and reliable electricity towards more sustainable societies. As opposed to conventional generation technologies, RES are variable and partially predictable in nature: a seemingly unsolvable obstacle what opens new challenges and opportunities for their integration into the power system. In this regard, uncertainty arising from high levels of renewable infeeds reveals the need for probabilistic approaches in power system reliability management. However, this transition must be supported by the development of new models and tools.

This thesis tackles three main research challenges: (i) how to represent (model) large-scale generation, (ii) how to evaluate the impact of renewable generation uncertainty and (iii) what is the impact of renewable generation on power system reliability. The main results of this work show the importance of probabilistic modelling of renewable energy sources including stochasticity and dependencies and how to quantify the effect of different simplifying assumptions. Furthermore they point out how power systems can benefit from probabilistic approaches, in order to pave the way for a successful integration of much higher levels of wind and solar generation.


Mon 18 Dec 17
13:00 - 15:00


DTU Vindenergi


Technical University of Denmark
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