MSc defence Roberto Cersosimo

Supervisor: Mark Kelly

External examiner: Jørgen Højstrup

Title: “Effect of atmospheric boundary layer ‘top’ and capping-inversion properties on mean wind profiles”

The thesis deals with the nature of neutral, inversion-capped boundary layers and their dependence on geostrophic wind, roughness length, Coriolis parameter and inversion strength. This work presents the physics of the ABL and analyses it with particular focus on the TKE budget. Finally, using dimensional analysis a semi-empirical formula for the inversion-affected wind profile is obtained.


Mon 24 Jul 17
13:00 - 16:00


DTU Vindenergi


Technical University of Denmark
DTU Risø Campus, Building 118, Poul la Cour
Frederiksborgvej 399, 4000 Roskilde