MSc defence Sri Harsha Vemuri

Title: Performance monitoring of offshore wind turbines using a real-time wind farm power curve

As the installed capacities of wind turbines increases every year, there is a need for faster and cheaper methods of Operations and Management. Furthermore, in case of offshore wind farms the operations and maintenance are a major concern as offshore wind farms have poor accessibility. Hence, the need for reliable and cheap wind farm monitoring methods is critical. Conventional methods for monitoring performance of wind farms have usually relied upon power curve analytics of SCADA data. The major challenge is, such models have relied upon the nacelle anemometers for quantifying wind speeds. The quality of data obtained from nacelle anemometers can have large uncertainties. Furthermore, such methods need the anemometers to be in wake free sectors which is a very unlikely situation for wind turbines in the middle of large offshore wind farms. Hence, wake models become very important in estimation of wind speeds for wind turbines under wake.

The thesis proposes a new method for evaluating performance of wind turbines in large offshore wind farms based on high frequency SCADA data and fast wake models. It has been identified that fast wake models have increased uncertainties when quantifying wake losses accumulated from multiple upstream wind turbines, hence the thesis proposes a new wake summation method that is based on SCADA data and Larsen wake model. The significant reduction in uncertainties from applying the new wake model is shown. The improved method for calculation of wake losses is used to identify possible cases of underperformance.


Thu 12 Jul 18
13:00 - 15:00



Technical University of Denmark
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Bld. 118, Poul la Cour
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