PhD Defense Gustavo-Adolfo Ruiz-Munoz

Supervisorer: Mathias Stolpe, DTU Wind Energy - John Dalsgaard Sørensen - Christian Frithiof Niordson - Martin Alexander Eder, DTU Wind Energy  - Thomas Østergaard, Ørsted

Eksaminatorer: Lars Pilgaard Mikkelsen, DTU Wind Energy - Bjørn Skallerud, NTNU - Zhen Gao, NTNU

Titel: Fracture Mechanics Approach to Optimize Inspection Planning of Offshore Welds for Wind Turbines
Offshore welds are usually subject to loads and corrosive environments that can lead to catastrophic failures of wind turbines. Engineers found a solution by developing corrosion protection systems in conjunction with inspection/repair plans. Nevertheless, the inspection plans face a cost-effective challenge. If the number of inspections is high during the lifetime of a wind turbine, a high cost of maintenance is involved. On the other hand, no inspections can result in high costs related to a high risk of failure. This research introduces several techniques, which are combined in order to reach the optimum inspection interval for a welded component.

The PhD thesis describes the physics of the crack propagation problem and shows the methods for inspection repair simulations of welded components. The methods described in this work account the failures of the protection systems after a certain period and their impact in the inspection planning. The parametric studies conducted suggest that the total maintenance costs can significantly vary depending on the adopted inspection planning strategy. The research results presented in this thesis can aid the development of cost effective solutions in the off-shore maintenance framework. 


Fri 04 May 18
13:00 - 16:00



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