Workshop: Ancillary services from renewable power plants - RePlan

High wind power penetration levels into modern power systems have posed serious concerns regarding security of supply. These concerns have led to detailed review of national grid codes, which nowadays include a wide range of technical requirements that wind power plants (WPPs) must fulfill. In order to ensure a reliable and secure power system operation, the operational behavior of wind farms has to follow today some ancillary services (AS) which have been up to now traditionally only referred to conventional power stations.

The workshop will present the research results of the PSO RePlan project, which objective is to investigate the provision of ancillary services, like frequency/active power, voltage/reactive power support from renewable generating (ReGen) plants (such as WPPs and photovoltaic (PV) plants), incorporating communication properties in the control loops.

Workshop agenda:

  • 10:00 Workshop introduction Anca Hansen, DTU Wind Energy
  • 10:10 RePlan project by Anca Hansen, DTU Wind Energy
  • 10:30 ReGen plants’ technical requirements, by Nicolaos A. Cutululis, DTU Wind Energy
  • 11:00 Voltage control support and coordination of ReGen plants, by Lennart Petersen, AAU - ET
  • 11:30 Fast frequency control and coordination of WPPs, by Müfit Altin, DTU Wind Energy
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 Secondary frequency control support and coordination between ReGen plants, by Haris Ziras, DTU Elektro
  • 13:30 Communication between ReGen plants, by Kamal Shahid, AAU-WCN
  • 14:00 Cofee break
  • 14:15 Verification of ancillary services in large-scale power system, by Florin Iov, AAU – ET
  • 14:45 Experimental verification of ancillary services in small-scale power system & visit SYSLAB, by Henrik Bindner, DTU Elektro
  • 16:00 End of workshop

If you are interested and want to participate in the workshop, please contact Liv H.W. Nørgaard no later than November 30, 2017.


Wed 06 Dec 17
10:00 - 16:00


DTU Vindenergi


Technical University of Denmark
DTU Risø Campus, Building 112, H.H. Koch Auditorium
Frederiksborgvej 399,4000 Roskilde