WAsP certification

The idea of the WAsP certification is to make sure that holders of a WAsP certificate have adequate skills to use WAsP to complete a full analysis of meteorological data at a site, calculate the wind atlas and apply this to calculate the production of a potential wind farm. The required theoretical background need not be equivalent to a formal education in boundary-layer meteorology, but certificate holders should - in addition to the WAsP skills - also know about possible pitfalls and have a basic understanding of the underlying theory, its application, and its limitations.

The issuing of certificates is based on a one-day individual exam, consisting of a practical case study to be completed, and in answering a theoretical question as well as questions relating to the practical estimation of wind resources by WAsP. The applicants must fulfill the requirements of this exam to a satisfactory degree to acquire the certificate.

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Fri 27 Oct 17
8:30 - 18:00


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