By Kira Toft Schmidt


An important objective for DTU Wind Energy is to contribute to technology, user-driven and network-based innovation. DTU Wind Energy has a considerable degree of cooperation with companies and sector associations within the wind industry in Denmark and abroad.

Market-driven tasks account for about 30 % of the total external revenue, and companies are involved in virtually all DTU Wind Energy research. Generally, the department cooperates with industry through customer-driven activities, research, training, sales of licenses, trade association memberships, networks and conferences.

The department considers it an important task to ensure that research results are disseminated and usefully implemented in the Danish wind energy sector. This involves cooperative and specific contractual tasks within research and development with existing and new businesses primarily located in Denmark. It comprises patenting and commercialization, the operation of large research data and test facilities for industrial, research-based testing turbines and components, advanced training courses for corporate employees as well as advice and analyses, where we possess special competences. The importance of collaboration with industry on technical issues also implies that there is a relatively high proportion of technical staff at DTU Wind Energy.

Special attention is given to he department’s international position, experience and reputation lending itself to further utilisation of provision of services to public and private sectors outside of Denmark. This is of utmost importance for the department, who gets many different requests from all over the world.

Often the strategic reason for entering into cooperation is not solely based on scientific relevance due to the fact that some markets are very important to Danish companies presently or will be in a foreseeable future. In that sense our role in innovation is not just a national one, but a global endeavour. By being present globally and using our long research based experience in knowledge about wind resources, planning of wind energy, testing facilities etc. the department facilitates creation of new wind energy markets and strives to ensure a national position as first mover in emerging markets.