PhD Summer School: Wind Turbines, Wind Farms and Wakes

25. June - 6. July 2018
Venue: DTU, Lyngby Campus, Denmark

The summer school will include lecturers and exercises in design, optimization and analyses of wind farms located both offshore and onshore with focus on complex terrain. The first week will focus on wind farm design, numerical and experimental analysis of small and large-scale wind turbines. These lectures will be given by Professor Francesco Castellani, Univ. of Perugia. The lectures in the second week will be given by visiting Professor Rebecca J. Barthelmie, Cornell Univ. and staff members from Department of Wind Energy, DTU. The topics will cover wind farm optimization, SCADA data, wake measurements and tools for modelling wakes. In addition to traditional lectures, there will be student exercises based on real wind farm data and finally the course includes a wind farm visit.



Kurt S Hansen (Chair), Jens N. Sørensen,  Rebecca J Barthelmie and Francesco Castellani



  • Professor Francesco Castellani, Univ. Of Perugia
  • Professor Rebecca J. Barthelmie, Cornell Univ.
  • Professor Jens N. Sørensen, DTU Wind Energy
  • Professor Sara C. Pryor, Cornell Univ.
  • Senior Researcher Ju Feng, DTU Wind Energy
  • Dr. Assistant Professor Søren J. Andersen, DTU Wind Energy
  • Postdoctoral Fellow Tuhfe Göçmen, DTU Wind Energy
  • Senior Scientist Kurt S. Hansen, DTU Wind Energy
  • Senior Scientist Xiaoli Guo Larsén, DTU Wind Energy
  • Senior Scientist Gunner Chr. Larsen, DTU Wind Energy
  • Senior Scientist Robert F. Mikkelsen, DTU Wind Energy

    Secretary: Marianne Hjorthede Arbirk


    We plan for hands-on exercises. Please bring your Laptop.

    Credits info
    Credits for the course are 2.5 ECTS.

    Cost for participants:

    250 euros per PhD students

    2000 euros per non-PhD students


    Deadline for registration: 28 May 2018


    Registration for the course - link


    The registration fee covers participation in the summer school, course material and listing of recommended reading, lunches and coffee breaks during the lecture hours.


    The registration fee DOES NOT cover hotel booking or accommodation costs.

    For further details e-mail Kurt S. Hansen at


    Learning objectives:

    The student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:

  • Determine the wind turbine power performance from wind tunnel tests;

  • Understand the dynamics of wind turbines operation in complex terrain;

  • Understand impacts on power production from non-uniform flow;

  • Design and optimize a wind farm layout;

  • Qualify SCADA data for power and fault diagnosis;

  • Perform wind farm performance analysis;

  • Identify the wake characteristics from sodar, lidar or mast measurements;

  • Explain how to perform wake modeling with engineering and CFD tools;



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Week 46: 25. - 29. June -final



25 June


26 June


27 June


27 June


28 June



WF design


WF operation

WF Reliability

Load control



Wind farm design and optimization - part 1 (FC)

Operation analysis and wake control

Analysis of windfarm reliability

Load control and mitigation

12:00 13:00






13:00 14:30

Welcome and introduction;


Wind farm design and optimization - part 2 FC

Operation analysis and wake control - part 2

Analysis of windfarm reliability - part 2



State-of-art of wind turbine wake modelling (Jens Nørkær Sørensen)






Social event


Week 27: 2. - 6. July -final



2 July


3 July


4 July


5 July


6 July


Qualification of SCADA data and exercise

Wake measurement and characterization


Wake modeling including an exercise

Array-Array wake effects

Presentation of final exercise &


Introduction (Kurt Hansen)

Wakes and loads

(Gunner Larsen)

LES & CFD models (Søren Andersen)

Array-array interactions (Sara C Pryor)

Presentation of wake exercises (Rebecca Barthelmie)

10:00 11:00

Meteorology and wind turbine wakes (Rebecca Barthelmie)

Wake characterization from remote sensing (Rebecca Barthelmie)

Engineering wake models from DTU (Tuhfe Göçmen)

Offshore wake modeling (Xiaoli Larsen)

11:00 12:00

Introduction to SCADA data (Kurt Hansen)

Wakes from scanning lidar (Rebecca Barthelmie/Kurt Hansen)

Wake model discussion (Rebecca Barthelmie)

WF exercise discussion (Rebecca Barthelmie/Kurt Hansen)

Discussion and evaluation
(Rebecca Barthelmie/Kurt Hansen)

12:00 13:00





Lunch & Close

13:00 14:30

SCADA data exercise
(Kurt Hansen)

Visit to new wind tunnel at Risø Campus
Wind tunnel measurements
(Robert Mikkelsen)


Wind farm optimization
(Ju Feng)

Visit to WF


14:30 16:00

Wind farm optimization exercise (Rebecca Barthelmie)


Kurt Schaldemose Hansen
Senior researcher
DTU Wind Energy
+45 45 25 43 18