Since 1 January 2016, DTU Wind Energy consists of ten sections and five programmes.

The management of the department includes the Head of Department, Peter Hauge Madsen, and the Deputy Head of Department, Peter Hjuler Jensen. The management structure of the department is organized with a single management team with the Head of Department as chairman and the Deputy Head of Department and the ten head of sections as members.

The technical and scientific competences are embedded within the ten sections. To supplement and ensure cross-sectional cooperation the research, innovation, research-based consulting and education are implemented through five programmes. 

The three strategic research and innovation programmes Siting and Integration, Wind Turbine Technology and Offshore Wind Energy all have the objective to execute, align and manage research and innovation efforts - from the generation of research ideas to the effective implementation to projects, therefore providing added value to both the industry and society

The organisation of DTU Wind Energy is shown in the organisational chart below:




Head of Department

Peter Hauge Madsen
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 50 01