Østerild - National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines

In June 2010 the Danish Government passed a law in order to establish a national test centre for wind turbines at Østerild, Thy where new wind turbine prototypes could be tested. The Technical University of Denmark is appointed to be head of the establishment and operation of the new wind turbine prototype test facility.

DTU Wind Energy is operating three wind turbine test sites in Denmark. The test sites are situated at (1) DTU Risø Campus, Roskilde, (2) Høvsøre Test Site for Large Wind Turbines at Lemvig and (3) Test Center Østerild at Thisted. At Høvsøre and Østerild, DTU Wind Energy has in total 8 test stands. 

Test Centre Østerild was established with 7 test stands during 2012 and allows for erection of wind turbines of up to 210 and 250 meters respectively. For more information, read the brochure about Østerild here

The Test Centre's geographical location and facilities allow for the wind turbine industry in collaboration with DTU and other research institutions to carry out research, development and tests of prototype wind turbines and new wind turbine technology.

A grid connection test facility may be expected to be established at the Test Centre, although not until 2014 at the earliest.

All stands have been rented out and the two new tenants are EDF Enérgies Nouvelles from France and Vestas Wind Systems A/S from Denmark. Three wind turbines have been installed and erected on stands 2, 3, and 7 at the Test Centre, and one on stand 6 has been taken down again.  Siemens Wind Power has one erected and a new one will be installed, and Vestas Wind Systems have installed two wind turbines. More information about the type of the turbines and hub height etc. see the chart below.




Wind Turbine





 1  EDF GE–Alstrom 150 150-6MW   6,0  150 117 192

Vestas Wind
Systems A/S

V164-8.0 MW  9,0 164 140 222

Vestas Wind
Systems A/S

 V126-3.3 MW  3.3 126  116  179 
 4 Vestas Wind
Systems A/S
 V110-2.0MW  2.0  110  98 153
 5 Envision Energy  EN-120/3.0MW  3,0  120  90  150

Siemens Wind
Power GmbH

 SWT-7.0-154 7.0 154 120  197

Siemens Wind
Power GmbH

 SWT-4.0-130 4.0  130 110 175

() It means that Siemens has taken down a wind turbine and expect to install a similar or close to turbine in 2015.

Here you can see and read the new brochure about Østerild Test Center.

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