Workshop: Using wind power plant control in distribution grid operation

With an increased penetration of wind energy into the power distribution systems, the local distribution system operators (DSO) face many challenges in how to operate the distribution system by using wind power plants (WPPs) as controllable components into the system. This means that WPPs can share some of the responsibilities carried out today by the conventional power plants, such as regulating reactive power and performing voltage control on the grid.

The workshop will present the research results of the PSO NetVind project, where overall objective is to improve the operation of a real distribution network with a high penetration of wind power by exploiting WPP control capabilities. The scope is to investigate the technical and business challenges that DSOs face with increased penetration of wind power generation in distribution systems.

Workshop agenda:

  • 12:55 Workshop introduction, by Anca Hansen, DTU Wind Energy
  • 13:00 NetVind project, by Gitte Wad Thybo, ENIIG
  • 13:30 Loss Analysis and technical methodology for minimization of network losses, by Anca D. Hansen, DTU Wind Energy
  • 14:00 Multi-objective optimization for medium voltage distribution network using WPPs, by Kaushik Das, DTU Wind Energy
  • 14:30 Coffee break
  • 15:00 Analysis of WPP operation during network maintenance, by Müfit Altin, DTU Wind Energy
  • 15:30 Present and future technical regulations for WPPs in distribution systems, by Zaid Al-Jassim, Danish Energy Association
  • 16:00 Business model and implementation, by Gitte Wad Thybo, ENIIG
  • 16:30 End of workshop

Workshop registration by email to Liv H.W. Nørgaard,, no later than September 30, 2017.


ons 04 okt 17
13:00 - 16:30


DTU Vindenergi



Technical University of Denmark
DTU Risø Campus, Building 112, H.H. Koch Auditorium
Frederiksborgvej 399,4000 Roskilde