Wind energy systems

The section contributes to the development of better methods to integrate a significant share of wind power into the power system.

The research in wind power integration and control covers a wide range of subjects within these fields:

  • Wind power plants in the power system
  • Variability, prediction and predictability of wind power
  • Integrated design and control of wind turbines and wind farms
  • Application of advanced materials for wind turbine generators

The work combines theoretical and experimental aspects in time scales ranging from micro seconds to hours, aiming at:

  • Models and tools for understanding the impact on power systems when you introduce a higher share of the fluctuating wind power. The aim is to contribute to a platform that also integrates prediction, mesoscale modelling and market functionality.
  • Model development and validation for wind power plant functionality and capabilities.
  • Integrated electrical and mechanical design methods and approaches that interface the electrical and control tools with the mechanical and aeroelastic tools.
  • Innovation in wind power integration and control as well as planning and development of wind farms.
  • Methods and tools for testing grid compliance and power quality of wind turbines and wind farms.